NPK 16-08-24 granular

Product characteristics

 NPK 16-08-24

  • Granular product
  • A highly efficient source of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)
  • Specially designed for Soil applications on base dressing or side dressing.


Dosing information

NPK for base dressing application

For vegetative application ( Side Dressing) At the beginning of vegetative growing 200 to 400 Kg/Ha

The mentioned indicated dosage and application stages are subject to soil and climatic conditions, possible use of manure, influence of previous crops and other specific conditions. Exact dosages and application stages can only be given after an objective diagnostic procedure by e.g. soil and plant analyses.


Available in packages of 1.000 kg and 25 kg

Function of NPK 16-08-24 granular grade

Our NPK fertilizers are recommended for soil application, on base dressing and side dressing application, on vegetables and also for fruit trees and vineyards. The formula has been adapted for crops sensitive to Chloride. This NPK is also suitable for most open field crops.