Forteco Profit

Forteco coco slabs are completely ‘ready-to-use’. Drainage slits and plant holes are pre-cut and dripp holes are drilled. Coco slabs have a high air-holding capacity, which affords good drainage capacity and excellent crop management. Plants root very easily in coco slabs due to their unique air/water ratio and the roots are distributed throughout the entire substrate.


o Generative
o The slab has an air-holding capacity of 30 vol.% at full water saturation
o Made from crushed husk
o Stable structure
o Buffered or washed
o Drainage slits, plant holes, plank holes and dripp holes on request
o Measurements on request
o 100% recyclable
• Suitable for several crops, such as vegetables, flowers and small fruit
At the moment, in HortiCentar — Greenhouse training center, in Macedonia, tomatoes production is in the forteco profit slabs by coco peat from Van der Knaap. In same time, training courses, promotions and presentations are organised with this type of slabs from Van der Knaap. Van der Knaap supports the HortiCentar training center in Macedonia.
If you would like more information about Forteco profit slabs by Van der Knaap, Netherlands, for which official importer and distributor is Horticentar in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia, and in same time about Van der Knaap’s products, please contact our Horticentar team.