Ammonium Nitrate 18% Liquid 18%

Ammonium nitrate is inorganic, simple, liquid nitrogen fertilizer which contains 18% Nitrogen in nitrate and ammonia form. Nitrogen effects on growing of trees and roots, forming of leafs, resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental conditions and diseases, the quality of fruits and effects on yield which is the reason that Ammonium Nitrate Liquid is in use to all agricultural crops. It is designed for fertilizing by fertigation for all open field crops, vegetable and fruit crops.
Ammonium Nitrate Liquid
Our Ammonium Nitrate don’t have carriers-fillers and other unnecessary non-active components because it is produced in an unique process with chemical reactions. Our Ammonium Nitrate has 18% active substance that directly acquire plants and the results are seen very fast.

  • Ammonium Nitrate 18% Liquid is a clear transparent and stable solution.
  • Used for foliar feeding and for fertigation purposes.
  • Compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers.

Balkan Greenhouse from Macedonia and Horticentar Adria from Serbia are offering this unique product consequently to Macedonian and Serbian market as exclusive representatives of sophisticated fertilizers from Dutch origin and quality.

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