About Us

HORTICENTAR – greenhouse training center is leader in new technologies in greenhouse production, adaptation new technologies of production to local conditions, training through practical work, crop consultancy and management. With our team of experienced consultants, educated in Macedonia and Netherlands, we are capable to give to our clients full expert coverage of their production process on contract level. Our clients in cooperation with HortiCentar become a part of a network of companies in glasshouses construction and equipment, fertilizers, packing, machines, laboratory equipment, chemical analysis – everything what is necessary for successful production process from beginning to end.
HORTICENTAR is a project of the company Balkan Greenhouse doo Macedonia and has on disposal modern glasshouse which is satisfying latest technical requests of this educational and training activity of glasshouse production. The glasshouse presents place where producers, pupils, students and other interested parties can acknowledged with this type of production. Divided in 3 departments, the Centre offers 3 different types of production to be followed by the participants in one moment. “Learning by doing” is most important in this business and through work with latest technology of irrigation, heating, climate control we create skilled workers with those technology which can run on proper way our supreme greenhouse projects. Learning by doing is most important in this business and through working process the modern technologies are overcome, irrigation, heating, plant nutrition, climate control, as well as agribusiness which has to complete the all process. HORTICENTAR implements newest technologies in glasshouse production adapting all ways of production to new technologies, training through practical work, consulting and management.