Vermiculite is inorganic substrate used in horticulture and floriculture. The vermiculite with its fine granulation is used mostly as final layer during production of seedling, for covering of the seed. It is mixed with other substrates (organic and inorganic), for prick in and for growing of plants to the end of vegetation.
Vermiculite has ability to absorb water. it is lightweight, it keeps the moisture and allows very easy germination of seed.
At Horticentar – Greenhouse training center vermiculite is mostly used substrate.
It is used for covering of containers with seedlings, where the vermiculite with its physical feature allows to the seeds very fast germination.
For prick in, where the plants have good roothing with good growth and development.
Vermiculite at some leafy vegetables (spinach, salad, rucola) and flowers is used as main substrate to the end of its vegetation.
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