Use of foliar fertilizers of infected plants

With modern trends and the increased production of various cultural hybrid plants, pesticides, fertilizers and bio-stimulators, as problem rises rational cost effective crop production.

In circumstances where the information are available to us at any time, the biggest problem is their selection and approach to solving certain physiological and / or physio pathological problem in crop production.

Although under-developed methodology of using foliar fertilizers as an additional feed of plant at abiotic or biotic stress conditions, the rationality of their use in normal conditions, however, their benefit not at all negligible.

The application of foliar fertilizers of infected plants is not desirable to be done in terms that phyto-pathogenic fungi for their development maximally utilize the nutrients that are found on the surface of the leaves, thus enabling faster development of the disease.

Once you have found that disease progression stops, the weather conditions favorable for the occurrence of secondary infection are unfavorable, with foliar fertilizer application acts as a stimulating of the defense mechanisms of the plant, and these nutrients (preferably foliar fertilizer is enriched with bio-stimulators ), acting positively on the development and growth of the plant.

The greatest attention should be paid to the temperature conditions in the protected area, the relative humidity, as abiotic parameters that would lead to maximum use of materials from ntrient leafy area.

Also, increasing the amount of mineral fertilizers applied through the system “drop by drop” (in winter, as most should be potassium) contribute to better submission of biotic stress caused by the disease.