Tuta Absoluta

Tuta Absoluta – moth (Lepidoptera) is a pest for tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and other cultures from family Solanaceae. The origins are from South America. It gives 10-12 generations per year in Mediterranean region. Adult insect is with length 7-8 mm, span of wings 10 mm, with long brown-black antennas (3/4 from the length of the body). It is active during the night, before dusk and early in the morning. It lays 100-160 egs in optimal temperature from 20-30ºC. It lays the eggs individually mostly on the back of leaves.
Maggot makes big disasters on the leaves, stems and fruits. During large invasion all leaves can be destroyed. Big insect doesn not makes any damages on tomatoes.
As other pests present, there are against Tuta Absoluta successful mechanical, biological and chemical measures of protection.
Mechanical measures are with installing dishes with fluid under light bulbs (fluid is mixture of oil and pesticide).
Chemical measures are with using of high range of insecticides which are very efficient in correct using.
Biological measure are with natural predator of this insect (Nesidiocoris Tenius)
Tuta Absoluta
Tuta absoluta
Nesidiocoris Tenius