The use of fertilizer depends on the pH on the soil

It often happens in practice, farmers not to be satisfied with the applicated amounts and types of mineral fertilizers, because they did not receive the expected economic effects. Farmers often questioned the quality of fertilizers, but there are some important reasons for poor economic effects of the application of mineral fertilizers, even has a case of cancellation of the application of fertilizers.
One of the main reasons for the inefficiency of mineral fertilizers is pH-reaction in the soil solution. In unfavorable pH of the country, are strongly encouraged to apply fertilizers transformed into an unfavorable direction of chemical processes inaccessible to plants. the reaction pH of the soil is determined by a special laboratory apparatus – pH meter.
To be clearer for farmers, pH means that the soil is extremely acidic, neutral or basic extremely basic. In agrocheminal literature defines 6-8 different states of the soil and explore the various factors that affect the pH.

Factors that affect the pH of the soil are:

  • Soil type and its geological substrate
  • inadequate application of mineral fertilizers
  • inadequate irrigation water especially if mixed with industrial or technological water
  • smoke from the industry
  • acid rain, etc..
  • In the past four decades of practice of laboratory analyzes of soil, especially in the last 4-5 years, we have established various conditions with pH of different sites in Macedonia.
    Fortunately, the prevailing neutral, moderately acidic and weak base, but unfortunately, not a small number of areas and plots where soil pH is extremely acidic, very strong acid, strong base and a very strong base soil. On such soils with pH can not be expected to pay the application of mineral and organic fertilizers.
    Even there will be even more damage if such inadequate soils apply fertilizers in terms of pH of the applied fertilizer. And fertilizers also have reaction pH.
    Inadequate will apply if acidic fertilizers extremely acidic soils, very strongly acid soils and soils acidic or basic the basic fertilizers and very strong basic soils.
    Of particular importance are the crops that have been developing at the proper soil, for example, the potato is the most favorable pH 4.8 to 6.5, the pH 5-6 strawberries, tobacco 5.5 to 7.5, alfalfa 6 5-8, the apple from 5.7 to 8.2.