Role of Boron in Apple Production

Boron is involved in cell wall formation, stabilization and lignification, and xylem differentiation. It is needed to ensure normal development of new tissues from roots to flowers and fruit. Boron is responsible for pollen germination and pollen tube formation and activation. Thus, poor boron supply results in poor flower and fruit formation. In severe cases it causes ‘blossom blast’ where flowers dry out and are shriveled at bloom.

Boron Deficiency in Plants Symptoms

Young leaves at the base color looks paler/faded; other daunan appear to roll up.
Growth hampered so that plants seemed dwarfs/small.
Failure in the formation of flowers and fruit.
Decay on roots and the formation of the imperfect.
In the event of lack of boron in apples, the professional HORTICENTAR team recommended to apply Oligo Borax 11% and Oligo Boron 150g/L Liquid , fertilizers product by Van IPEREN, Netherlands, for which official importer and distributor is Horticentar in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.
The way of their application, concentration and dosage and for more information on these remarkable products of the VAN IPEREN’s program , you can get if you contact Horticentar – Greenhouse training center team.