Production of seedling

Successful production of seedling depends on: substrate, heat, air and light. The seed and the seedlings require optimal temperature, watering, air circulation and light.

Problems that may occur during the sowing and seedling are:

  • Temperature is too low or too high. Always is needed to be controlled the percentage of germination on the seed packet. Temperature of the substrate during the sowing always should be between 21 C and 26 C.
  • Moisture of the substrate. Seeds must absorb moisture to begin germination. The seed coat expends with water and allows the embryo to begin growth.
  • Depth of seeding. As a rule depth of seeding depend on the size of the seed or of its diameter. It is often near 0, 6 – 1,5cm.
  • Water. It is necessary substrate to have enough water and not to be dry or overwater.
  • Insufficient soil contact. After the sowing is necessary to gently press down the substrate to make sure the seed and the substrate come in contact.
  • Substrate. The substrate should have good water-air regime and to be rich with organic matter. Also is needed to be sterilized.
  • Light and dark. Most seed require light to germinate, some seeds require darkness. Germination always depends on exposure of red light waves even though the substrates cover.
  • Seedling problems. Once seeds spotted and begin to grow keep the substrate just moist, do not overwater or allow the substrate to dry out, provide strong light 14-16 hours each day and good air circulation.