Physiological problems of cucumber

With the increase in air temperature increases and transpiracioniot coefficient and thus the consumption of water in plants. Cucumber is a plant with high demand and consumption of water. Consequently abiotic factors (increased air temperature and decreased relative humidity) occur string physiological changes in fruit cucumber, of which, I’d put the emphasis on the porosity of the fruit of the cucumber.
The cross section of the fruit of the cucumber seen cavity. In addition, the fruit loses biological and economic importance.
Physiological causes that lead to this problem
You can not define a factor responsible for the appearance of hollowness of cucumber fruit. The appearance of this problem is a complex of responsible factors. With an increase of air temperature increases and water consumption, but if the temperature reaches over 35 degrees Celsius, with the closure of open stominite cease breathing, and thus the movement of water and nutrients through the plant elements.
Calcium and boron, as two important elements in the diet of cucumber are transported to end organs (higher percentage of calcium to meristem tissue-top, and lower fruit most of the boron appears as transporter to digest fruit) with using water.
Upon termination of transpiration, and stops the movement of these two elements.

  • As a factor in the appearance of hollowness of the fruit, the lack of calcium and boron. If the manufacturer noted a higher proportion of these fruits, it is advisable to perform agrochemical analysis solution, as time would eliminate these problems.
  • If agri chemical analysis shows insufficient percentage of calcium in the soil, based on the results, and the amount is determined, but while it is important to keep an eye on the time of application of calcium (as calcium nitrate), and the best time is in the morning, due to the gradual increase in temperature and the transpiration (faster absorption and trans-location of calcium).
  • In case of lack of boron, preferably its application to perform foliar, in the late afternoon, where air temperatures have been below 25 degrees Celsius.
  • It is important to note, that perhaps in the soil these two elements are represented, but due to intensive growth (top meristem and fruit) are not absorbed in sufficient amounts, the plant due to the inability to absorb sufficient amounts of water and nutrients materii- lack of water causes this problem. Of correct application of agricultural technical operations, and balanced plant nutrition, the problem is quite reduced, and thus the quality of the product increases.
    Also, as an important agricultural measures to be applied shading the protected space in which it is grown cucumber and orosuvanjeto. With shading facility reduces direct exposure to sunlight and thus reduce the temperature in the protected area.
    Dew as agricultural measure, is important in production of cucumber, it increases the relative humidity of the air and makes better absorption of nutritive elements from the soil solution.

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