Losing the top of plants during the production of seedling

One of the more common problems faced by farmers in production of seedlings, especially for tomatoes is losing of top of the plant.
There are several reasons for the occurrence of this condition, but the most common are the following:

  • Exposing of plant positive cold temperatures (particularly when the phase of the cotyledons);
  • Treatment of young plants with a greater concentration of a pesticide;
  • Exposing on stressful conditions of young plants (hot – cold), especially in the morning;
  • Performing of foliar application with dirty spray (usually with sprinkler that has been previously used for herbicide treatment).


  • Managing of temperature during production of seedling;
  • Performing of foliar application (to feed or care) during the day when there are positive temperatures;
  • Amount of pesticides to be the minimum prescribed concentration;
  • If there is no need for foliar plant protection at cotyledons stage, first foliar protection has to be done when the plants have developed the first leaf.

    For more information on the occurrence of persistent problem, contact an expert from advisory team of HORTICENTAR.