Iperen-IPE: Increased Phosphate Efficiency with the Iperen IPE technology!

A long-standing problem in the agriculture is the fixation of phosphates to the soil. Once Phosphates are fixated to the soil they become unavailable to the plant. Localized Phosphate application will help, however this is not always sufficient and will not release Phosphates that are already fixated. Reducing the pH is impossible. Therefore Van Iperen developed a new technology to cope with the fixation of Phosphates.

The Iperen IPE technology will increase the level of plant available Phosphates significantly. It does not only release Phosphates absorbed to soil particles It also prevents fixation of fresh applied Phosphates. The IPE technology is used in combination with the Iperen WS NPK’s and works in acidic soils as well as alkaline soils.

Trials show positive results on the initial plant development when applying the IPE technology. For example a trial conducted in lettuce where volume and ground leaf coverage was measured after 20 days. Fresh biomass was measured at harvest. The Iperen IPE effect is clear, even though the amount of Phosphates was reduced significantly.

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