Iperen Foliastim for nutrition and biostimation

Range of unique and innovative Foliar products
Combining Nutrition and Biostimulation
Combining Mineral Nutrients and Seaweed
Increased resistance to A-biotic stress: heat, drought , cold.
Increased production of plant metabolites • i.e. antioxidants and regulators.
Safe to use as foliar fertilizer. Soft on the leaf tissue.
Improved nutrition uptake. Due to synergistic effect with seaweed.
Improved yield , fruit and tuber quality.
foliastim photo
Effect Iperen FoliaStim
Seaweeds are exposed to extreme conditions. They are triggered to produce high levels of substances to reduce sensitivity for stress. Foliastim containt: Alginates (Wetting agent), Laminarans, Anti Oxidants ,Mannitol (Osmo regulation). Contribute to the known biostimulant effect when used on plants. Foliastim has large difference in seaweed quality. FoliaStim has up to 15% of Ascophyllum Nodosum inside. Consistent in quality over the years. Harvested in a sustainable way.
For more information about this unique product (concentration, way and method of application in different crops), please contact the expert – advisory service of HORTICENTAR.