Iper – Fer chelate innovation

Horticentar is proud to introduce you two new chelate agents which radically will change the market. HBED and fully soluble IDHA. At this moment we will focus on our Iper_Fer spectar of products based on HBED.
Fe-HBED is a chelate which keeps the Fe in a solution easy accessible by plants, and keepd the Fe from washing out during rains and high pH 12. This is most effective chelate agent especially for limestone soil. Stability of Fe HBED is bigger from Fe EDDHA chelates. HBED does not contains isomers, availability of Fe is not depending on orto-orto percentage by chelate agents. This guaranties product with permanent high quality, as well for longer time frame.
Besides that HBED has several useful qualities. First chelate form HBED has limited affinity towards cuprum. This means that the risk of accumulation of cuprum is small. Next to that HBED chelate agent is highly resistant to UV light. As a result on this the molecular structure and their futures remain unchanged.
All this makes HBED chelate form as most efficient agent on market. All these products are in micro granulate form, easy soluble in water.
If you are in search for most efficient product to fix the problem with deficit of Fe, Iper-Fer palette of products is your best choice. The learn more for this palette of products we are inviting you to visit HORTICENTAR.