Glasblank (the glass and foil cleaner for horticulture)

The light is one of the most important elements for the crops.
10% clean glass means 10% higher yield. Each ray of light is important for plants especially in this time of the year when we have cloudy days. Cloudy and dark days and dirty glass or film leads to a loss. To use every light beam that penetrates through need clean glass. The use of various cleaners is useful but not sufficiently, their application is risky for workers who applied but are not getting the desired result.
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Have you heard about Glasblank?

Glasblank is the ideal tool for cleaning the glass, film and parts of the construction of greenhouses during the crop rotation, even removes the heavy dirt. It dissolves in water, is applying with dorsal nozzle for small areas, or atomizers with even smallest nozzle is applied to the glass or foil, outside or inside greenhouse depending on the dirt. Steer left 10 minutes and then cleans with clean water. Preferably applied to cloudy. The results are seen with one application, wherein all amount of sunlight can penetrate into the greenhouse. After using pumps, hoses, etc. cleans them with a large amount of pure water.
Glasblank is available in cans of 20 liters (always in use, carefully read the instructions). We offer the market an affordable price.
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