Foliar nutrition with boron in viticulture

Foliar nutrition in viticulture today is completely affordable and proven to also get positive results with the addition of boron through the classical way.
Advantage of foliar nutrition is that the nutrients can be combined with means of plant protection from diseases and pests.
It is best this nutrition to be done once or twice before flowering vine and once after blooming. So we can be sure that we provide the right amount of this nutrient in the fertilization stage of the vine.

Physiological role of boron

After foliar application, the boron is quickly absorbed by the leaf and is trans located to the generative organs of the vine.
His most important role in metabolic complexes that are important in the nutrition and increasing fertility and germination of pollen grains, and thus ensure good conditions for normal fertilization.
In this way largely solves more problems present in the nutrition of the vine with the trace element, because the soil has less and are more pronounced imbalance of certain macro and micro nutrients in the soil.
The practice shows that foliar nutrition with boron in the vine increases the yield of 15-30%, a figure which is very important in the cultivation of table grapes.