Department 3

Department 3 with main purpose for Nursery, is in function couple months.
During this period several crops were raised at this Department, and we are very proud on tomatoes from hybrids: Euphoria, Zouk, Mamirio pink, Tyty cherry, Belle, Angele cherry and Emotion, this hybrids are transplanted at Department 1 and Department 2. We would like to mention the interest and attention that our crop Rucola from the hybrid Magnum gained by the visitors of Horticentar.
The quality that Horticentar has attracted many visitors from horticultural sector, national and international, and our team’s mission and vision are expressed through various training programs that Horticentar offers to all interested parties. More information about our training programs here.
Department 3 contains 5 benches, several crops, with ebb & flood system of nutrition.
On one of the benches there are seedlings of red lettuce from Hybrid Medea (2000 seeds) and spinach from Hybrid Dolphin baby (3000 seeds), transplanted on 17.03.2015. The seedlings have formed leaves and have very good growth and development.
On two benches we are growing lettuce, Hybrid Funsong, in pots, while the strawberries are growing in coco peat slabs.
In additional please find gallery from our latest activities at our Nursery department