Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous: Highly concentrated and Ammonium free

Van Iperen Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous HG is another unique product in our extended Calcium Nitrate range. The product has the highest concentration in the market and contains a negligible amount of ammonium. Still it has limited sensitivity to caking. Van Iperen International Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous HG contains 32% of Calcium Oxide (CaO) and 17% of Nitrogen available as Nitric Nitrogen (N-NO3). Standard Calcium Nitrate formulations contain no more than 26.3% of Calcium Oxide. The high concentration in combination with the negligible amount of Ammonium Nitrogen (N-NH4) makes the product the best choice for soilless application. It is ideal for growers using soluble calcium nitrate for crops sensitive to blossom-end-rot grown as hydroponics.
The formulation is Anhydrous, while alternative Ammonium-free products are mostly Trihydrous. The Anhydrous formulation makes the product less hygroscopic. Combined with its granulated structure this makes the highly soluble and pure product not sensitive to caking.

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