Calcium deficiency in pepper seedling

As a common problem that occurs in production of pepper seedling is wrapping (rolling) of the top meristem, followed by the deformation of main nerve. To determine the correct diagnosis and the nature of the disease it is necessary to perform previous analysis, for example, to determine what the temperatures were in the building before symptoms to show up, presence of pests etc. Most often reason comes to wrapping the top list is the lack of calcium. Calcium as a nutrient element is not mobile in the plant and therefore the first symptoms of a manifest lack of bodies intensively grow, and in this case it is the top meristem. Symptoms of calcium deficiency, often farmers have identified as symptoms caused by leaf lice and unnecessarily are treating the plants with insecticides for their suppression. Treating (irrigation) with calcium nitrate or calcium in chelated form, together with any other nutrient element (usually magnesium), gives positive results, but we must have in mind that the leaves are deformed, will not return to normal, but the plant will gradually get the desired growth and development.
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