Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium Sulphate HG is a Horticentar Adria Nitrogen product in Sulphate form. Ammonium Sulphate is suitable for fertigation and foliar application.
As a raw material in NPKs, our dust-free and highly soluble Ammonium Sulphate is very suitable to increase the level of Ammonium Nitrogen (N-NH4),. This is less liable to leach than other forms of Nitrogen. The product is not sensitive for caking. Ammonium Sulphate is a very important fertilizer for any kind of soil that is high in pH and needs sulfate to antagonize the high Calcium or pH.
Ammonium Sulphate

  • Ammonium Sulphate 21% is a white crystalline inorganic salt of Ammonium Sulphate anhydrate (NH4)2SO4
  • Free flowing, dust free and less sensitive for caking
  • Used for foliar feeding and for fertigation purposes and as raw material for WS NPK’s
  • Compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers

Horticentar Adria from Serbia is offering this unique product consequently to Serbian market as exclusive representatives of sophisticated fertilizers from Dutch origin and quality.

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